Pictures of my goats.

The Babies. 

Snowy (sold) on left(born on March 27th) , Dixie in middle(born on March 25th), and Max on right(also on March 25th). 

Here is Grace below.   Grace is a purebred goat (94% up) and is about a year and four months old.

Marie is a percentage Boer (80 - 85%) .  She is about a year and 2 months old now.

Anna, half Boer-half Alpine, is one year and 6 months old.

Chocolate below (in the middle) 80%-85% boer.   She is now about a year and 2 months old.


Tanto( in above and below pics), a fullblood boer buck, is shown center in the first picture, and second from the right on the bottom picture. He is about a year and 3 months old.

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